Misunderstanding of Mental Health

Covering everything from how mental health is diagnosed to the true source of mental well-being that is within all of us, Dr Petit shares a great understanding of our on board alarm systems and how we misunderstand what they are, and all of us are sitting in the middle of mental health. Read More

Relationships - Where Love Really Comes From

A great conversation with Stef Cybichowski Master Transformative Coach about relationships, love and connection. We talk about all different types of relationships, with family through to romantic relationships and the stories we fall in love with. Read More

Freedom - Where it really comes from

A great conversation with Jacqueline Hollows from Beyond Recovery who works with some awesome guys in the prison system in the UK on a misunderstanding of Freedom. Listening it’s clear that it gives Jacqueline a great perspective on the word free, which leads to a wonderful conversation on the perspective of life that makes such a difference and regardless of whether you are physically incarcerated or living your life, you can be in prison if you don’t see how your experience is created. Read More

Connection - We're only Separated by the Illusion of Thought

A profound conversation about the nature of connection, and the illusory image that we create of ourselves and then try to play out in life. Connection is only available without the story, but we all sell our souls for a beautiful story. Read More

Creativity - Bringing Cool S4!t into the World

In this conversation we explore how people grow up with a belief that they are not creative and just follow that their whole lives, how people who are ‘naturally talented’ got that way + so much more about the nature of the creative force within all of us. Read More

Is Addiction Really a Disease

This was a great thought provoking conversation on the nature of addiction with Greg. We covered so many points for loved ones, and for people who maybe struggling or trying to make sense of addiction, and want a different perspective. Read More

Misunderstanding of Anxiety

I had much fun in this conversation with Nicola about our true nature, who we really are and how we create our experience of anxiety. It looks so real in the moment and yet it can fall so easily when we see how it is created in the mind. Read More

Misunderstandings of Leadership

A great conversation with Wyn Morgan about what leadership is and isnt, how there are so many misunderstandings and concepts as well as beliefs from people. We explore different ideas about what is useful for people and how the understanding of how the mind works helps business leadership. Read More

Misunderstanding of how we create our experience

In this episode with Master Transformative coach Claire Shutes we discuss the creation of our human experience here, how all good feelings arise, and how most of humanity suffer with a misunderstanding of how the mind works, once seeing just a glimpse of this, lives change unrecognisably in a short moment. Read More

Why Misunderstandings of the Mind

In the introduction I share my life experience about how I overcame adversity in all shapes and forms and completely recovered from multiple diagnosis’s, and thrived in life with peace of mind, freedom, happiness and contentment. Read More

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