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Misunderstanding of Anxiety
Misunderstanding of Anxiety
A great conversation with Nicola Bird about misunderstandings of anxiety. How it is created and looks so real to us in the moment, yet how the dominos can fall so easily once we get insight into the powerful illusion known as thought. Topics we covered
  • Do we really need to 'fix' anxiety?
  • We all have innate mental health
  • When we stop trying to fix 'the problem' we find the solution
  • How psychology innocently misunderstands anxiety
  • How sitting in transformative presence is where clarity comes
  • The power of listening without trying to make sense
  • Beyond the filter of our Psychology
  • The temporary transient nature of thought
  • How anxiety cannot come from circumstances
  • Why changing circumstances creates the illusion of feeling better
  • Why the busy diary looks like a problem
  • The self fulfilling prophecy of anxiety
  • Changing circumstances vs seeing the true nature of how the mind works
  • Intellectual understanding vs really SEEING
  • When we know we have been impacted by insight
  • Diving into the confusion to get clarity
  • Dropping deeper into that inner knowing
  • Getting a richer more wonderful experience of life
  • Everything is on offer
Nicola Bird teaches a completely revolutionary approach to anxiety that she had never come across before in all her years of training. She has spent the last four years travelling all around the world (yes, the agoraphobic!) studying with the pioneers in this field to gain a deeper understanding of this thing that had completely transformed her life in a matter of just a few weeks. And now Nicola's work is to share what she has learned that made such a huge difference to her personal journey and the lives of the people she loves. Qualifications: BSc Psycholgy, MSc Psychology, Master Transformative Coach, author of the book A Little Peace of Mind and personally now completely free from anxiety.