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Beyond Spiritual Bypassing
Beyond Spiritual Bypassing
An in depth look with June Jackson at trauma, beliefs contained in the body's reactions to stimulus and the difference in spiritual pursuits and somatic investigations to find the roots of trauma beyond what the mind can see.
  • The pursuit of spirituality as an object
  • Doesn't exempt you from experience
  • Experience is not constantly anything
  • Unrequested responses of the body
  • You can't spiritualise away your experience
  • The body doesn't awaken
  • Contractions, tensions, tightness still exist
  • Parts will naturally surrender when understood
  • Honouring our system is important
  • Parts are running the show anyway so make friends
  • Parts are normal human response to adversity
  • They are trying to be helpful - intelligence
  • Life guides us to ourselves
  • Awakening will only take you so far
  • Spiritual Bypassing
  • Natural reaction to grief - closing down
  • We can't discount the programming
  • Contractions don't show up as thoughts/memories
  • Strong emotional reaction comes before cognitive
  • The body can say NO!