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Bringing the Best out in People
Bringing the Best out in People
An amazing conversation with author and one of the original 3p teachers Jack Pransky about bringing the best out in people, from all types of relationships such as parenting, as a coach, in the business workplace and how we bring out the best in ourselves all ties into the misunderstanding of how the mind works, and years of installed rules and concept about what the best is, and how to get it. Listen in if you're curious about how it all works. Some of the points that stood out to me are:
  • the best - our spiritual essence
  • The best is always there
  • Thought creates the illusion that its not
  • Bringing out our innate health
  • If its there already, there is nothing to do to find it
  • Its an undoing rather than a doing
  • Doing the opposite of personal development
  • Calmness - when we get our best ideas
  • All we have to do is look within ourselves
  • How we create our own bad feelings
  • Where happiness comes from
  • Happiness is already within us
  • What it means to get out of own way
  • Not taking other peoples thinking personally
  • How we lower our own spirits
  • Our feelings are the indicator
  • How we get caught up in our feelings
  • How the system works
  • Why its never a good idea to act when troubled
  • Allowing the space for insight to come through
  • Wisdom is always trying to come up
  • The only thing holding it down is our thinking
  • Getting out of our personal thinking
  • Leadership qualities and how we perceive them
  • Leaders don’t want followers
  • Seeing the best in others is the ultimate answer
  • We need to be able to SEE to help others
  • How to give the best environment for your kids
  • How to bring the best out in our kids
  • How to bring out the best in our staff in business
  • What is it that allows connection with another