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Misunderstanding of Business Mastery
Misunderstanding of Business Mastery
A wonderful conversation with Sandra about the creation of business and what holds us up and gets in the way of our brilliance shining through. What is true for all of us and what is possible when you come from that place, how effortless life can be.
  • It doesn't take effort
  • It is not a mystery
  • The answers are inside
  • Don't be invested in the outcome
  • It's about the journey
  • Holding it all with lightness
  • It's like play a game
  • You have to get in the game
  • You can make the whole journey step by step
  • Creation without knowing
  • Everyone has down points
  • There is beyond your facebook world
  • How we rob ourselves of our experience
  • Trusting something deeper than thought
  • Being pulled towards something
  • You don't need motivation
  • Life takes us in many directions
  • The gift of the pandemic
  • How long does it take to be successful
  • Marketing can be helpful to grow your business
  • Be in the game of business
You can contact Sandra at her website here