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Misunderstanding of Conflict & Commitment
Misunderstanding of Conflict & Commitment
A great conversation with Rohini Ross on the misunderstanding of conflict & commitment in relationships, discussing the common misunderstandings and how we try to resolve them, and seeing our true nature, and how relationships really work when we are not caught up in our thinking of how they should be.
  • How commitment really works
  • Being one foot out of the door
  • We can only see whats happening at the time from our current level of understanding
  • Fulfilling the role of the absent parent
  • Meeting childhood needs
  • Trying to meet needs externally
  • The experience of well-being independent of our circumstances
  • Habitual conditioning
  • Why changing the external doesn't work
  • Repetitive Power Struggles
  • Looking to our natural state
  • Its not about the past anymore
  • Understanding where suffering comes from
  • Dropping into the present
  • Why some thoughts are more sticky
  • Gathering Evidence
  • The honeymoon period is a gift!
  • Taking others suffering personally
  • Showing compassion is transformative
  • How grounding defuses volatility
  • Having less judgement of our experience
  • How we collect evidence to make thoughts look real
  • Seeing where your experience comes from is the key
  • Putting the oxygen mask on yourself first
  • How the story of me looks real
  • The infinite intelligence behind fresh thought
  • How people naturally get clear perspectives
  • Can we be in a relationship with anyone
  • Impersonal Love vs Personal Love
  • Connection with self is the ultimate goal
  • When the nice feeling comes
  • Curiosity and presence
  • How the dominos fall in all areas of life
  • Why personality types are not relevant
  • Getting caught up is learning
Rohini Ross is passionate about helping people wake up to their true nature. She is a psychotherapist, a transformative coach, and author of Marriage (The Soul-Centered Series Book 1). She is the founder of The Soul-Centered Series: Psychology, Spirituality, and the Teachings of Sydney Banks that launches in Santa Monica, CA October. She has an international coaching practice helping individuals, couples, and professionals embrace all of who they are so they can experience greater levels of well-being, resiliency, and success. You can find Rohini at her website here