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Connection – We’re only Separated by the Illusion of Thought
Connection – We’re only Separated by the Illusion of Thought
A mind blowing conversation with the profound & wonderful Marina Galan. We talked about the illusion that we create and play out in the world that we live in, and how we can only possibly be separated by the illusion of thought. Things we discussed:
  • Why chasing connection is unattainable
  • We're experts at chasing whats already there
  • The created me's role in chasing connection
  • How the image of self creates the illusion of separation
  • Why finding 'the one' doesn't exist
  • Connection comes when the story of "I" falls away
  • What we truly are is before any of that
  • Accomplishment, fame, love can only be found before the story
  • We only see what is - true, by seeing what isn't - true
  • How to know what is truth
  • How our stories connect
  • Illusory self esteem vs certainty and deep understanding
  • How most couples are in an illusion of a relationship
  • Children are in a relationship with reality
  • Adults are in a relationship with concepts
  • Why you're not the person you thought you were comes
  • Why we'll give up everything for a beautiful story
  • How to connect to everyone around you
  • Why life is so magical