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Freedom – Where it really comes from
Freedom – Where it really comes from
A great conversation with Jacqueline Hollows from Beyond Recovery who works with some awesome guys in the prison system in the UK on a misunderstanding of Freedom. Listening it's clear that it gives Jacqueline a great perspective on the word free, which leads to a wonderful conversation on the perspective of life that makes such a difference and regardless of whether you are physically incarcerated or living your life, you can be in prison if you don't see how your experience is created. Things we discussed:
  • Where freedom really comes from
  • How we're all in a prison of types
  • What being trapped is
  • Living a life in prison
  • Achieving more to get what you already have is pointless
  • What does everyone really want
  • What do decisions really consist of
  • Can we predict the future?
  • How much headspace we spend in the prison of our mind
  • How we miss the beauty and people in the world
  • What's really on the table
  • Being mentored by mind vs your own thought
  • Knowing vs Not Knowing
  • Fresh Thought vs Insecurity
  • The intelligence behind life
  • How we protect our created reality
  • The way in to seeing the prison of your mind
  • Our perspective colours what we think about ourselves
  • Magical transformational stories