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Misunderstanding of Grief & Trauma
Misunderstanding of Grief & Trauma
An amazing episode with Charli Wall who at 21 went through a tragic experience losing her brother, and putting her father into a situation where he needed full time care, Charli tells her story of becoming an addictions counsellor and Addiction Nurse, while taking care of her father. Along with struggling with drugs, mental health, anxiety, obsession and compulsion to cope with the experience. Until one day she had a massive transformative experience when she heard and felt the realisation of how she was creating her experience. Listen for the resilience and wisdom throughout the story it shines through.
  • Why you can't take life for granted
  • How everything can change in a moment
  • Flashbacks
  • Stress vs Anxiety
  • Wisdom shining through
  • A realisation about using alcohol
  • Transferring addictions
  • You're ok - You're not broken
  • Hearing on a deeper level
  • How we create our anxious feelings
  • How rules don't keep you safe
  • How we're always ok
  • When you see it in yourself you see it in everyone
  • The judgement of the experience
  • Creating an identity around trauma
  • Blaming addictions on trauma
  • You are not your story
  • Concept vs deep knowing
  • Survivor, victim or beyond
  • Freedom from panic about life
  • Allowing yourself time & Space
  • Understanding the symptoms
  • Beyond the concept
  • How we all have access to wisdom
  • Seeing beyond the story
  • Talking to health
  • Following your instinct
You can find Charli at her website here