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Misunderstanding of Health
Misunderstanding of Health
An insightful conversation with Rachel Singleton about the natural system within the body, how our health is always pointing us home back to the natural equilibrium of the system. You don't wan't to miss this one, if you have ever suffered with ill physical health, there is so much wisdom here.
  • Letting something bigger guide us
  • Realising that we're not listening
  • Our true health guides us from within
  • It is knowing what to do when
  • Your body tells you when it needs it
  • It's about looking in a different direction
  • We all have inner guidance within
  • We make our pathology worse
  • We create suffering ourselves
  • What happens in the moments of respite?
  • Looking in the direction of health, not illness
  • What can we see that works for us
  • We don't need to listen to what is wrong
  • It's a self correcting system
  • All systems in the body work this way
  • Symptoms are love letters from the body
  • It's about letting life come through us
  • It's about hanging out in the unknown
  • Problems are a reflection of our level of consciousness
  • Health is available regardless of the diagnosis
  • Thinking always looks compelling
  • We are not unique in our pathology
  • It's what is true for everyone
  • Every moment is fresh, unwritten
  • Everything can be seen through different lenses
  • The cage door is always open
  • Home is available at all times
  • Just be willing to look in a new direction
  • Look for a beautiful feeling, do more of that
You can find Rachel's website here