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Misunderstanding of how we create our experience
Misunderstanding of how we create our experience
Misunderstanding of how we create our experience. Claire Shutes is a Master Transformative Coach and Three Principles Practitioner. Her training includes being a Certified Master Transformative Coach, Apprentice to Michael Neill, a Senior Graduate of the Three Principles Professional Institute and Personal Performance Coach (Dip. Distinction). Claire speaks and trains internationally, serving as faculty on Supercoach Academy and One Thought's Foundations for Practitioners Programme. In 2006 Claire founded Potent Coaching through which she has an international client base that includes businesses, individuals, young people and the charitable sector. “Through our work together my clients transform their understanding of themselves and the world around them. As Marcel Proust said ‘The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.’” Prior to becoming a coach Claire produced and directed observational documentaries for the BBC and CH4. In this episode we had an amazing conversation about reality and how it is created. Claire has overcome so much in her life and is a beacon of hope for people she comes into contact with, sharing this understanding about how the mind really works. Things we covered:
  • The true source of happiness
  • The intelligence behind life
  • How to follow your own internal GPS
  • How the mind really works
  • Common misunderstandings about how life is created
  • How Claire's depression changed from an insight
  • There is only the reality we create
  • Living life on another level
  • Understanding the nature of thought
  • Outside in VS Inside out
  • How life is effortless
  • How we're all whole and perfect
  • An explanation of trauma and how it affects us
We also discussed personal development and how it strengthens the misunderstanding about life that most people live with! If you would like to contact claire she can be found at