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Misunderstanding of Inner Peace
Misunderstanding of Inner Peace
A very calming listen to Dicken Bettinger, who talks about inner peace, where it comes from and how we experience more of it when we are not caught up in our stories about the imaginary self. What I heard:
  • From chaos to inner peace
  • Recognising ordinary moments
  • We can't get there by doing something
  • We already have it
  • It's so ordinary
  • It's only available in the now
  • The absence of our personal thinking
  • Its only our own stories that cover it up
  • Whatever we think, we feel
  • We get caught up in thought stories
  • Change is not complex or difficult
  • If it feels illusive its a function of thought
  • There is no past and future
  • You're not your thinking
  • You're not your feeling
  • The imaginary future doesn't exist
  • Peace just means no story
  • It doesn't matter what we are feeling
  • We can be at peace at any moment
  • Peace is never in the future or past
  • When energy opens thats peace of mind
  • When we're in the now were kinder people
  • The now is the cure for all of our upset
  • Pure presence is like the movie screen
  • There is no suffering in the now
  • Stress an tension is like an alarm clock
You can find Dicken via his website Three Principles Mentoring here