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Why Misunderstandings of the Mind
Why Misunderstandings of the Mind
Hi I am Jason, Certified Transformative Coach and Psychotherapist. In this introduction I talk about my own experience of enlightenment, what it was like before and what it is like now, how my life changed in a moment with an insight, a realisation of who I really was, how life is so different today and what actually changed. Where my vision for the podcast came from. I spent a lifetime in despair really, thinking things had gotten a little better, but then getting worse. I had got to the point of having so much experience of personal development, 12 steps, 10 years of therapy as a client and a practising therapist it felt like nothing would work. In my intro I talk about how I fully recovered from:
  • Overwhelming anxiety
  • Years of addiction
  • A lifetime of body image issues & Lack of Confidence
  • Eating Disorders and Compulsive Overeating
  • The darkest depression
  • Years of suffering from childhood Trauma
  • Years of suffering from Grief
  • No Self Belief
  • Overthinking
  • Co Dependency
  • Years of mental health struggles
  • The need for medication for herniated discs
To become totally free with a moment of realisation of how life really works. One of the problems I had was, I knew everything, and I tried to fit all new experiences into what I knew. I would love for people to listen with an open mind. That was my saving grace from my mentor Michael Neill, the invitation to listen differently changed my life. Not only did I recover from those things, I thrive to the point of being happy, joyous content, successful and free, living with peace of mind.