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Is Addiction Really a Disease
Is Addiction Really a Disease
A thought provoking conversation with Greg Suchy from Addiction, Alcoholism and the 3 Principles facebook group on addiction. I really enjoy this exploration of what is really true about addiction. Things we discussed:
  • What really is addiction?
  • Understanding subconscious thought patterns
  • An innocent misunderstanding?
  • How relapse in addiction recovery is natural
  • How addiction cannot be a disease
  • Peace of mind is always present
  • How addiction cannot be connected to past experience
  • Past behaviour has no connection to future behaviour
  • Its simple but not easy
  • The difference between psychological and spiritual
  • How to really help someone who is suffering
  • The value of hope in the struggle
  • A simple change in perception can change everything
  • Getting a new pair of glasses
  • So much more is on offer
  • Psychological diagnosis's are not permanent
  • Why the disease concept was introduced and how it grew
  • The evolution of addiction recovery
If you would like to contact Greg you can mail him here or visit the Facebook Group here or the YouTube Channel