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Misunderstandings of Leadership
Misunderstandings of Leadership
A great conversation with Wyn Morgan about what leadership is and isn't, how there are so many misunderstandings and concepts as well as beliefs from people. We explore different ideas about what is useful for people and how the understanding of how the mind works helps business leadership. Topics we covered
  • The biggest Misunderstanding of Leadership
  • What is the purpose of leadership
  • What is the difference between leadership and dictatorship
  • What are the qualities and characteristics in a leader
  • Warmth & Confidence necessary for Leadership
  • The difference between transformative leadership and traditional coaching
  • How leaders show up differently
  • Separate realities in Leadership
  • How showing up in your head affects your leadership
  • How thought in the moment creates lack of effectiveness
  • How wisdom shines through when you are not in your head
  • How to have fresh innovative ideas
  • Being in line with what really makes sense
  • Avoiding the noise in your own head
  • How every person is a potential Innovator
  • How companies fail without innovation
  • How we are seduced by our good ideas
  • Waking up to being whole - nothing to fix
  • The "how am I doing question" that separates from warmth & connection
  • A great explanation of the transformative process
Wyn Morgan is a change agent based in Windsor, UK and works with corporations and private individuals in every continent around the world. Having started his own coaching and training business 13 years ago, Wyn has become sought after to develop leaders, teams and organisations. He delivers dramatic step changes in business results by delivering a step change in people’s thinking and understanding about their role, who they really are and how they personally show up. He is a graduate of Michael Neill’s Supercoach program (2012) and for the past 3 years has been on the faculty staff at Supercoach. He has been mentored by George and Linda Pransky, Barb Patterson and Elsie Spittle, and continues to learn more about what makes people’s natural brilliance and peace of mind show up more often. You can find out more about Wyn at: