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Letting Love In
Letting Love In
A beautiful conversation about trauma and how we block ourselves from love, connection and everything we want with unconscious beliefs, we unpick what gets in the way of seeing our own beauty and allowing ourselves to be loved, from the mind to the body, a fully inclusive conversation, through the lens of 3p, non duality, somatic healing and meditation. Below are some of the insights I got when listening back:
  • What is it like to receive love
  • What happens in the body
  • Do you allow yourself to feel?
  • have the walls of unworthiness come down?
  • Do we have to do anything to be worthy?
  • Where does the idea of unworthiness come from?
  • It's felt as an experience of the body (contraction)
  • The nervous system (flight mode) is activated by love
  • It can show up as anger/doubt towards the giver
  • Or the desire to run away
  • Allowing love to filter in, can be very touching
  • Living with a tender heart
  • Putting the story aside and meeting yourself
  • Well-being is innate
  • No one bullies us as much as we do ourselves
  • We can only guess - but the body knows
  • We have been programmed not to feel
  • Stay out of the story and be with what is
  • Feeling yourself as energy - not matter
  • You are not your body
  • We're not victims
  • Don't be afraid of your own feelings
  • There is nothing wrong with your feelings
  • Your ego cannot be enlightened
  • There is nowhere other than here
  • There is no escape from now
  • The body keeps the score
You can find Angelica at her website here