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Our Creative Potential
Our Creative Potential
A real eye opener of a conversation with Jules Swales on understanding the source of, and how our creative potential shows in the world, whether its through writing or artistic talent, or just something that wants to be created in the world. This was a great exploration of what is really true for everyone. Some points that stood out to me are:
  • When insight comes for most people
  • Problem solving in surprising ways
  • When we get out of the way genius appears
  • Beyond the story of me
  • When we give up trying... things happen
  • The multiple forms of creativity
  • Courage to do...
  • How we create future catastrophe
  • Getting out of our own way
  • How thought looks so compelling
  • Self conscious judgement
  • What if it was true that....
  • Where does insight come from?
  • Effortless creativity vs The Story of me
  • The surprise of creative genius
  • How we make thought more real
You can find Jules at her website here