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Misunderstanding of Parenting
Misunderstanding of Parenting
This was a real eye opener for me being a parent and seeing what shows up for me on a daily basis, Erika has a real simple and powerful way of sharing and seeing the roles we take on as parents, and pointing to what is true for everyone, even our children. What stood out to me:
  • Being the perfect parent
  • How kids show us the way
  • Disconnecting from a child
  • We have a lot of ideas about life!
  • Your job is not to control, but understand
  • Resilience is a constant for humanity
  • Parenting can be tough
  • We can't stop our kids from struggling
  • Life will help you learn what you need to learn
  • Insecurity makes for moments of crappy leadership
  • When your mind calms down, you get a new outlook
  • Our kids are not living our experience
  • Forget about everything you think you know
  • Let things go, unless its a problem
  • Does your philosophy make sense?
  • Creating things! Out of thought
  • Addiction the path to peace of mind?
You can contact Erika via her website - here