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Misunderstanding of Psychology
Misunderstanding of Psychology
An interesting conversation with Linda Pransky on the misunderstandings of psychology. We each share snippets from our own journey what looked true and what changed, how it looks different now, and simplicity of discovering our true nature, seeing whats beyond our thinking and what we need to experience transformation.
  • The answers are not in the past
  • Don't give up searching
  • You'll know when you find home
  • Life is taking us on a journey
  • Change is beyond the eyes
  • Moods are not an issue
  • Insight is the key to change
  • Looking beyond the intellect
  • It's all in the feeling
  • higher state of mind = clearer thinking
  • Insight lead learning, beyond the contents
  • Trust the knowing of something more
  • There's no complicated solutions
  • It's in the simplicity
  • There's nothing to do
  • The answers are within
  • Relax and live your life
  • The 'problem' resolves itself
  • The past is not important
  • Mental health is perfect when you leave it alone
  • Even that
  • Don't underestimate the power of presence
  • Addiction is an attempt to quiet your mind
  • We use our own thinking against ourselves
you can find Linda over at the Pransky & Associates website here