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Misunderstanding of Self Help
Misunderstanding of Self Help
A deep dive into the misunderstanding that we call self help with Nicole Barton, who after a lifetime of struggling and trying everything discovered the simple understanding of how the mind really works, and experienced a profound sense of freedom. Some of the points that stood out are:
  • Being somewhere other than here
  • Constantly striving to be more
  • We are not broken
  • Why self help makes you feel more of a failure
  • Theres nothing to do to overcome things that don't exist
  • Seeing beyond the illusion of our humanity
  • Self help is only ever a plaster
  • Good feelings only ever come from within
  • The answers always come in a state of calm
  • No effort is needed, just quiet
  • Analysing thoughts is adding more thinking
  • Why typical journaling keeps you stuck
  • We are conditioned to talk about our problems
  • The answers are not in the past
  • The past doesn't exist anymore
  • How Self help innocently keeps us stuck
  • Who we really are beyond our ideas
  • Whats beyond our conditioning
  • We're always in the unknown
  • We've created a solution to the problem we've created
  • Everything is always going our way
  • Principles vs self help ideas
  • Concepts vs an explanation of how things work
You can contact Nicole at her website here