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Misunderstanding of Shame
Misunderstanding of Shame
Listen in to Del Adey-Jones 3 principles practitioner talk about her experience with shame and how we make up stories, a great conversation with some real nuggets of wisdom.
  • Why story feels so solid
  • How we define ourselves
  • How we make up rules about life
  • What we make it mean about ourselves
  • Collecting evidence to support stories
  • Children cannot rationalise experience
  • How we take responsibility for experiences
  • Why we never give up the craving for a parents love
  • Trying to medicate experience throughout life
  • How abandonment creates shame
  • Why we seek out difficult people to love
  • Why we choose difficult relationships
  • How we get a bigger sense of validation
  • How we confuse longing with love
  • Living in the experience of your story
  • Looking for love in unavailable places
  • Overwhelming emotional experiences
  • How we internalise experience
  • Thought carried through time doesn't define usv
  • Looking in the past for answers
  • The value of normalising experience
  • The value of solid ground to hold onto
  • Hearing the truth beyond the words
  • Switching off your intellectual filter
  • Nothing changes but everything changes
  • Seeing psychological innocence
  • Seeing past socially acceptable labels
  • When labels fade away, whats on offer
  • Living a life of possibility
  • Seeing your unlimited potential
Del Adey-Jones is a 3 Principles Practitioner and host of “Insightful Conversations with Del Adey-Jones” a weekly live-streaming Show and Podcast featuring some of the most impactful voices in the 3P Community. Thanks to her unconventional childhood, growing up in the UK, her former career in Hollywood, and her personal challenges including a divorce and raising children as a single parent, Del’s practice is informed both by the empathy gained from real-life experience and her deeper studies of spirituality and human psychology. Using her relatable approach to coaching and her commitment to creating a safe space to explore the Inside Out Understanding, she continues to serve a wide range of clients both locally and remotely worldwide. You can follow Del on her “Insightful Conversations with Del Adey-Jones” Facebook page, YouTube channel, and Podcast of the same name. To learn more about her work go to her website