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The Spectrum of Experience
The Spectrum of Experience
This conversation with Rupert was recorded almost a couple of years ago, when I had just started really going to non dual retreats and wanting to be directly involved experientially, the reason I sat on it so long is on the audio before it starts, it turned out to be a great conversation covering so many subjects around the spectrum of experience, from suffering through to awakening and what happens on that journey for people including healing from trauma, what actually is trauma and how we might point people who are suffering to their true nature. Below are some of my insights from listening back:
  • All reality is not made of thought
  • What is the space between thought
  • Thoughts are like subtitles
  • Thoughts do not describe reality
  • We give thoughts and perceptions power
  • The goal is to bring the mind to the end
  • Seeking = Agitation
  • We experience happiness when seeking ends
  • Once the promise of fulfilment starts, the mind ends
  • why searching for true nature will not end addiction
  • Detox is sometimes required
  • Habits are very strong
  • Distraction with energy usage is valuable
  • Seeing the role of thought in suffering
  • The recognition of true nature
  • In between 2 thoughts I remain
  • Finding out what we are not is a start
  • Recognition of true nature takes further curiosity
  • what's left after awakening
  • The contractions of the body are stuck beliefs
  • You cant separate the mind and body
  • There is work to be done to realign the body
  • Allowing buried feelings to be exposed
  • This is not a requirement to awakening
  • There is a process of allowing in vedantic tradition
  • Trauma is buried layer of feelings that needs dissolving
  • You need an experiential journey of the body
  • Trying to bridge the gap from suffering to awakening