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The Intelligence Behind Life
The Intelligence Behind Life
A cool conversation with John El-Mokadem about the misunderstanding of intelligence. How there is an intelligence behind life that is always guiding us, always taking care of us and ever present, yet we get caught up in our thinking trying to make things happen, life gets so much easier when you relax into it. Some great points I heard are:
  • Switching off your filter to see more
  • Allowing us to go deeper than the brain
  • the intelligence behind life
  • How much we live in our intellectual thinking
  • Why thinking is not the solution
  • How thinking gets in the way of intelligence
  • How insights come to us
  • When you speed up, step away
  • Your well-being is underneath
  • The value of seeing the mind body connection
  • What is the intelligence behind in life
  • How much energy does it take to be tired
  • The only destination in life is now
  • How we navigate life without thinking
  • Is there really nothing to do?
  • My well-being is not dependant on what I do
  • Whats on offer is way beyond your imagination
  • Your intellect only provides a limited view
  • The benefits of seeing how the mind really works
John can be found at his website here