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Beyond the Concepts
Beyond the Concepts
Ok, everything is a concept but in this wonderful conversation with Clare Dimond we explore what is actually happening, in the body, right now, in our experience, we discussed spiritualising away your every day moment to moment experience, with innocent attempts to stabilise an identity where it is never possible, trauma being the origin and maintainer of the identity that I think I am, even when I sharing spiritual shit that sounds great. This conversation really shines a light on what is happening, how and where to look, and most importantly, it's all ok. You can find Clare at her website here
  • Seeing beyond your identity
  • Thought is the messenger
  • Innocent attempts to stabilise identity
  • There's still a body
  • What is really going on here
  • Don't pretend you're fine!
  • Spiritual bypassing
  • Having an embodied experience
  • The universe exists within us
  • Using the mind to avoid the body
  • Escaping ourselves with spirituality
  • Escaping the present moment with words
  • Trauma is the origin of identity
  • Trauma is the maintainer of identity
  • Exploring trauma from a place of grounding
  • The relief from finding the 3 Principles
  • It's still from the perspective of separation
  • Everyone else is a creation of me
  • The present moment is the teacher
  • The therapist identity - confusion
  • Seeing beyond the dream
  • The only purpose of life is to wake up
  • You can never get enough of what you don't want
  • Life will keep pointing you inwardly
  • Non-duality as a shot of heroin
  • 3p as a glass of whiskey
  • You can't argue with the truth, but
  • Disembodied spiritual sharing
  • Spiritualising contractions away
  • What is really going on!