Letting Love In

A beautiful conversation about trauma and how we block ourselves from love, connection and everything we want with unconscious beliefs, we unpick what gets in the way of seeing our own beauty and allowing ourselves to be loved, from the mind to the body, a fully inclusive conversation, through the lens of 3p, non duality, somatic healing and meditation. Read More

The Spectrum of Experience

This conversation with Rupert was recorded almost a couple of years ago, when I had just started really going to non dual retreats and wanting to be directly involved experientially, the reason I sat on it so long is on the audio before it starts, it turned out to be a great conversation covering so many subjects around the spectrum of experience, from suffering through to awakening and what happens on that journey for people including healing from trauma, what actually is trauma and how we might point people who are suffering to their true nature. Below are some of my insights from listening back: Read More

The Truth of the Body Cannot be Ignored

This great conversation with Rudi & Jules goes from relationship triggers, to prison violence, from spiritual bypassing to embodying the essence of who you are Read More

Relationships, Trauma and Spirituality

A great conversation with Rohini Ross that looks at how relationships are beautiful containers for healing when you see what is really playing out, embodying the struggles and leaning into the intelligence of all experience. Read More

Beyond Spiritual Bypassing

An in depth look with June Jackson at trauma, beliefs contained in the body's reactions to stimulus and the difference in spiritual pursuits and somatic investigations to find the roots of trauma beyond what the mind can see. Read More

Beyond the Concepts

In this wonderful conversation with Clare Dimond we explore what is actually happening, in the body, right now, in our experience. Read More

The Beauty of Trauma

In this conversation with Sunitha Sandeep we discuss how the understandings of Buddhism, 3p and non-duality do not exempt you from trauma, that the body-mind is just 1 system that functions perfectly. How the experience of trauma in adulthood is only ever pointing you home, like all suffering. Spiritual bypassing, and more. Read More