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Misunderstanding of Awakening
Misunderstanding of Awakening
A great episode with Maggie Gilewicz around the misunderstanding of awakening, there was so much gold in this because it really looks like if or when we get this 'understanding' that I talk about on this podcast, that life should be a certain way, this podcast episode is about embracing being human. Some things I heard:
  • A journey of embracing our humanness fully
  • Beyond the intellect
  • Giving up - to be able to see new
  • Living in Bliss - is it real
  • Is it always going to be like this
  • Now that I understand I should not feel...
  • Fighting the human experience
  • Pretending to be ok when you are not
  • Making up what 'this understanding' means
  • Being ok with not being ok
  • When I tell myself, its just a thought
  • Thinking I know stops me from seeing
  • Being ok with doing the dance
  • Knowing we are ok underneath it all
  • Beyond the story of me
  • Knowing that experience will pass
  • Having shitty experiences and having hope
  • When you have hope everything is always ok
  • Why 'why' questions are never useful
  • Allowing our feelings to come
  • The ocean is always calm, below the waves
  • When I embrace my experience the quicker it passes
  • Just do whatever occurs to you
  • Theres nothing to do, but you can do what occurs to you
  • Beyond the language and words
  • How humans relate and connect
  • Don't try to be someone else