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Misunderstanding of Change
Misunderstanding of Change
A conversation with a beautiful feeling with Chip Chipman, I really enjoyed this exploration of change, how change works and the illusion that we get caught up in our humanity of what looks like it needs to change. Chip was friends with Syd Banks and has been sharing this understanding for many decades, it was a lovely episode. Here is what stood out to me:
  • How change comes about
  • Effortless change is possible
  • Why behavioural change doesn't work
  • Our innate health is before experience
  • Your innate health cannot be damaged
  • True change comes from quiet moments
  • There is nothing outside of you
  • An insight is the start of change
  • We get a different relationship with our experience
  • Every deep insight we have will continue to teach us
  • There are no rules for insight
  • How to have deep impact with clients
  • The true self is healthy
  • Why searching to fix yourself doesn't work
  • The underlying problem is always insecurity
  • When insecurity subsides many things are resolved
  • The effort to change, creates more insecurity
  • How thought slows down, creating space
  • Seeing our insecurity is enough
  • Being kind to ourselves makes the difference
  • Accepting our own humanity
  • Slowing down to the speed of life
  • The journey takes you to a better life
  • Looking at life from a higher level of consciousness
  • The answers are always in simplicity
You can contact Chip via his website here