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Misunderstanding of Chronic Pain
Misunderstanding of Chronic Pain
This was an awesome conversation with Chana Studley on the misunderstanding of the source of chronic pain, we had very similar experiences of years of traumatic back pain that could flare up at any point, to both being free without any medical intervention. Have a list if you you struggle with chronic pain, migraines, skin conditions etc.
  • The source of chronic pain
  • The mind body connection
  • Becoming free of pain without working on pain
  • Understanding how the mind works
  • The connection between chronic stress & pain
  • How stress causes dysregulation in the body
  • Why there's nothing wrong
  • Misleading traditional understandings
  • Does your pain move around?
  • How we make our pain worse
  • Reliving the past can create more pain
  • The body only knows the present
  • There is only 1 misunderstanding
  • Pain is a love letter from our system
  • When your thinking slows down stress slows down
  • A different relationship with our thinking
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