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Misunderstanding of Compulsive Eating
Misunderstanding of Compulsive Eating
A great conversation with Dr Amy Johnson on the subject of habits, compulsive eating and behaviours. This conversation really clearly highlights the misunderstanding of compulsive eating, where we spend a lifetime dealing with our thinking, what looks like the problem, and that we are all way bigger than that. Subjects we covered:
  • Why food becomes primary addiction after drugs & alcohol
  • How food covers a sense of emptiness
  • How using food becomes a tool for coping with emotions
  • How food fills the void
  • Why people gain so much weight in addiction recovery
  • The wisdom in finding ways to cope
  • How all addictions are the same
  • And all mental health diagnosis
  • Looking at the content is not helpful
  • Where to start to look
  • No one is compulsively eating because they are hungry!
  • Escaping from a discomfort we don't like
  • Whats common in all problems
  • Am I really a compulsive eater?
  • How we turn thoughts into meaning - thingifying
  • Why we make a case for details being real
  • Being afraid of our experience
  • Feelings are all ok and safe
  • We always come back home
  • Feeling our thinking about situations
  • Whats really going on Vs what I think is going on
  • Becoming aware the narrator in our mind
  • Whats beyond the narrator?
  • It's ok to feel hungry
  • The feeling of space
  • A whole new normal takes over
  • Developing a different relationship with experience
If you would like to reach out to Amy you can do so here at her website