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The Beauty of Death & Presence
The Beauty of Death & Presence
A beautiful conversation with Marnix Pauwels on the experience of loss, and being present to witness the sadness, the joy, the confusion the pure love that is inside all of us. We explored many things including the impact of losing someone as a child and how that shows up in life, the loss of love, to the creation of love and beautiful experiences of opening our hearts.
  • Life Death and Loss and all its wonders
  • Feeling emotions and the beauty of them
  • Coming out of spiritual bypass to the present
  • How the body keeps the score
  • Is spirituality really about becoming feelingless
  • Embracing the humanness and all its quirks
  • Creating in the world riding the roller coaster
For anyone who wants to find Marnix, you can go to to find out more.