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Misunderstanding of Depression
Misunderstanding of Depression
A beautiful conversation with Judy about understanding our true nature, what is beyond the psychological symptoms and psychiatric diagnosis that so many people receive, and what happens when we touch that which is already there, life changes unrecognisably. Depression is the weight of negative thinking taken seriously over time
  • There is nothing wrong with you
  • Digging into the past makes it worse
  • The pilot light is always burning ready
  • It's not who you are
  • If you can create it, you can solve it
  • Diagnoses are not facts they are made up
  • Addiction is an escape from your own thinking
  • You can't see it in others till you can see it in yourself
  • You don't need to tell your story to get well
  • Only we, can help ourselves
  • You have to be able to forgive yourself
  • The answer is way too simple
You can find Judith over at her website here