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Misunderstanding of Effortless Creation
Misunderstanding of Effortless Creation
This really was an eye opening conversation with Dominic who speaks so clearly to our attempts in the human experience to create in the world vs just allowing creation to flow through us. Upon listening for the 3rd time I hear new things and see things differently each time, he has a very clear way of expressing our true nature as creators.
  • you did not come to create with action
  • You came to create with your mind
  • Action is involved
  • It's been in alignment with all that you are
  • It's the thing that is beating your heart
  • The same intelligence creates solar systems
  • It is equal for everyone
  • It's the knowing of who you are
  • It is our true nature
  • You're already doing it
  • The only thing you can do is realise it
  • You are the source of it
  • There are no exceptions to how it works
  • The energy just flows through you
  • By the time you perceive it in form, its done
  • We don't have to figure it out
  • It is of infinite intelligence
  • Step away when you feel resistance
  • It continues for a life time
  • It is why we are here
  • All you have to do is allow it to happen
  • Its on your side
You can find Dominic at his website here