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Misunderstanding of Fear & Worry
Misunderstanding of Fear & Worry
Such a simple and peaceful conversation with the wonderful Mavis Karn, exploring the misunderstanding of fear and worry, and how it looks to most people, until you see the truth of how the mind works, and everything starts to look different.
  • How we create our own fear
  • We always know what to do in the moment
  • The abnormal becoming normal
  • Spotting the false logic
  • We have a built in alarm system
  • Worrying is the habit not the content
  • Every emotion is there to guide us
  • When our heads are clear we can achieve anything
  • Calming down, makes you smarter
  • When you notice, your consciousness grows
  • Thoughts don't do any harm
  • What if it really is that simple?
  • Addiction is our brain lying to us
  • Does everyone feel the same way about this?
  • We are addicted to complexity
  • There is only 1 certainty - Change
  • We get to decide how we experience things
  • There is just now
  • The only reality is undivided wholeness
  • Our experience is always created inside out
  • We are enough as we are
  • All the information is in the feeling
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