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Misunderstanding of Happiness
Misunderstanding of Happiness
A wonderful conversation with Dr Giles p Croft on understanding the source of true happiness, it's not what you think, or maybe it is. When we get beyond our own efforts to create happiness we see that it's always there and there is nothing to do to get it.
  • It's not found outside of you
  • It's not about things
  • We innocently search for it
  • It's always available right now
  • Things don't need to be different
  • We do whatever makes sense
  • Happiness is your default
  • It's in the present moment
  • We all get lost in thought
  • Our mind cannot see how simple it is
  • Can we slow down enough?
  • We create the past in the present
  • All there ever is is now
  • Happiness is available regardless
  • The stories we tell ourselves
  • It's not about effort
  • There is a part of that recognises truth
  • Happiness is there all the time
  • We just cover it up with our own thinking
  • The solution to everything is now
You can contact Giles at his website here