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Misunderstanding of Listening
Misunderstanding of Listening
A powerful and insightful conversation with Dr Linda Pettit who has been influential on my own journey in so many ways. This discussion with Linda highlights the common misunderstandings about listening, highlights what we are listening for, and what is always true.
  • It's not active listening
  • or listening to reply
  • Or listening to analyse
  • Or listening to critique
  • Or listening to remember
  • Or listening for answer
  • Listening beyond the filter
  • It's the key to life changing insight
  • Listening for feelings
  • Listening with the willingness to be influenced
  • It's being open to something new
  • Listening to see something new
  • Listening to intuition
  • Not listening for anything
  • We are all connected
  • We are one
  • You can't get it
  • You can't work it out
  • Listening for love
  • It's always showing itself
You can contact Linda at her website here