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Misunderstanding of Love
Misunderstanding of Love
A really cool, simple conversation with Aaron Turner breaking down what look like the complexities of loving relationships, where love exists in all of us, and how to experience more of it. This was a great exploration of what is innately true for everyone, and also how we block ourselves from getting it. Some things I noticed:
  • Love outside ourselves can never be found
  • How we stumble upon love
  • Love is a feeling of your own purity of mind
  • When we are at ease, there is a richer feeling
  • Love is so simple
  • Its only our ideas of what love is that separate us
  • Only my own thoughts and feelings separate me from love
  • When people don't feel love they don't know it's there
  • Underneath all our personal thinking is that experience
  • All conflict is created in the mind via thought
  • There's never anything to fix
  • You can have a healthy relationship to unhealthy thought
  • When we have a thought, it looks like a real thing
  • It is important to know its just a thought
  • When you don't feel good pause
  • Love is an experience of a less upset distorted mind
  • Compatibility - Anyone can be with anyone
  • Dating with less on your mind
  • Once your mind is more free you can enjoy yourself
  • Happiness come from within not another person
  • Its actually all so simple
  • When we get out of our own way
  • Its about our relationship to our true self
Aaron Turner, PhD Aaron has been a leader and pioneer in bringing an understanding of State of Mind to businesses and organisations over the last 20 years. Although he has worked extensively with individuals, couples and families, it was the impact he saw in organisations that he found most inspiring. He started his professional career in this area in 2000. Moving from a research position at Brunel University to a trainee position at a counselling and consulting practice in Washington State. He worked there for 10 years rising through the ranks to become the practice’s CEO for three years. During that time, Aaron was gripped by the profound effects he saw when leaders, teams and organisations began to see, and more effectively navigate, their state of mind. He developed, ran and provided programs in executive leadership, sales and communication as well as larger-scale cultural change projects. These programs have included executive institutes for Fortune 50 corporations and executive development programs for senior Army leaders (One and two-star generals, Colonels and their civilian equivalents) in The United States. In 2010 Aaron founded One Thought to focus primarily on working with leaders and organisations. He is a published author and international public speaker. Aaron has an online course to give people access to the amazing training that he does, and there are free lessons and it is only £85/year for for full access, take a look here if you are interested One Thought Online