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Misunderstanding of Mental Health
Misunderstanding of Mental Health
It was a true pleasure to interview Dr Bill Petit on this episode of the podcast Misunderstandings of Mental Health. We talked about all different diagnosis's, how the mind really works, and what is really on offer. What really struck me was we can look at the past with gratitude or guilt...we only get to see the light by having the contrast of living in darkness. Subjects we covered:
  • Regardless of the diagnosis we're always ok
  • Everyone identifies with personality disorders!
  • There is only one mental illness
  • There is one solution to everything
  • You can never get enough of what you don't need
  • How our reality is created moment to moment
  • We all have a guide inside
  • Having compassion for ourselves
  • The power of showing this to children
  • Teaching children by action rather than words
  • We see what we see when we see it
  • Looking into the past Guilt vs Gratitude
  • There has to be darkness to see light
  • The journey vs the destination myth
  • Im either in my life or my thoughts
  • Why being a good 3/10 can be useful
  • Judgement of where we are at only makes it worse
  • The same mind that got you here, can't take you there
  • We're animated by some formless energy
  • Instinct vs intellect responses to life
  • Listening with the intention of being impacted
  • Our onboard alarm systems
  • How problems are diagnosed innocently
  • Whats in store....
If you wish to contact Bill you can do so from his website here