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Misunderstanding of Personal Development
Misunderstanding of Personal Development
In this episode Steve Adair shares his experience and understanding of the process of personal development, this was a revealing and thought provoking conversation where we see the complete misunderstanding of personal development that shows up for most people in life who want to better themselves.
  • What are limiting beliefs ?
  • Why optimising your illusion is pointless
  • How to recover from personal development
  • There is no need to develop the self
  • We're never away from our true nature
  • Innocently - we're all looking in the wrong place for mental health
  • We were all born a blank slate
  • How personal Development develops the Ego
  • If our physical well-being heals, why doesn't our mental
  • No one else can make you feel better
  • I can't develop me - because there is nothing to develop
  • We're all innocently developing the self
  • Habitual cycles on non helpful thinking
  • The treadmill of personal development
  • The detail of our thinking is just information
  • Why develop a misunderstanding?
  • Being present on the journey
  • The only destination in life is the journey
  • The destination is being alive
  • There is nowhere to get to
  • The definition of success
  • You are already home there is nowhere to get to
  • Real sustainable change comes through our spiritual nature
  • How we create our limitations through thought
  • Efforting vs Awakening
Steve's website is if you would like to get hold of him or learn more about what he is sharing.