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Misunderstanding of Post Traumatic Stress
Misunderstanding of Post Traumatic Stress
A beautiful sharing of the simplicity of the human condition and our innate mental health by David Hill around the subject of post traumatic stress. It is such a well debated touchy subject, and easy to get lost in complicated solutions (which we talk about in the podcast). When you just see the relationship between thought and experience, things looks completely different. Enjoy
  • Is the story true?
  • Everything is happening now
  • We create the past now via thought
  • There are no answers in the past
  • We create meaning in our mind
  • We underestimate the power of presence
  • We don't have to react to our thoughts
  • People's lives improve when they see the connection
  • It's not complicated or clever
  • It's way too simple to understand
  • There is a solution to Post traumatic stress
  • Consciousness brings thought to life
  • Post traumatic stress is not a disorder
  • Thought storms pass no matter what
  • Theories about experience are not facts
  • If people could just the role of thought
  • Humans engineer a complicated world
  • Look this way and see what you an see
  • It's not rocket science
  • You can see something fresh at any point
  • Struggles mean we're about to learn something new
  • Transformation comes in a moment
  • Nothing changes but everything looks different
David can be found at his website here.  Missing in Action here  also here is the YouTube Channel David talks about with The Missing Link for Veterans