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Misunderstanding of Purpose
Misunderstanding of Purpose
A rich conversation with Lili which really highlights the difference between purpose we make up in order to get somewhere in the world of form that seems somehow a representation of our created self image vs the purpose of being alive, and just being present to the moment.
  • Is there just one purpose?
  • Its not really an efforting practice
  • I have as much purpose as a mountain goat
  • Purpose is not about doing, its about being
  • My understanding of purpose is always changing
  • There is no before and after
  • When our mind gets busy we have a lot of purposes
  • The quieter I get the less purpose I have
  • We are already everything we want to be
  • Having purpose of doing comes from a place of lack
  • There's nowhere to be other than here
  • Having a doing purpose steals my presence in now
  • We are purpose
  • When we've got something on it
  • My best work is done when there is less of me
  • I am not who I think I am
  • Purpose does not develop the idea of who you are
  • Effortless flow in life is who we are
  • Are we operating from a misunderstanding?
  • Its radically different to what you think
  • Its really an unexplainable thing
  • No words are enough, you can only touch the space
  • It's full of curiosity, excitement and wonder
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