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Misunderstandings of Recovery
Misunderstandings of Recovery
Listen in to Christian McNeill and myself share about common misunderstandings of recovery from addiction, this was a cool conversations talking about how misunderstandings come about, and seeing beyond the diagnosis of addiction.
  • Where misunderstandings come from
  • Making choices in early recovery
  • Seeing the wisdom in simplicity
  • Getting in our own way
  • What's really on offer
  • Self imposed limitations
  • Taking on beliefs vs listening to wisdom
  • We are not broken
  • We don't need to fix ourselves
  • No substance can create inner peace
  • Peace of mind doesn't come from doing
  • Its not about circumstances
  • How people perpetuate misunderstandings
  • Taking Responsibility
  • We only hear when we are ready
  • At your essence you are unbreakable
  • The pitfalls of analysis (therapy)
  • Experiencing consistent Peace of mind
  • Knowing - when you find the answer
  • There are no answers in the past
  • Being in your own company is not a bad thing
  • Mental filters about sobriety
  • The value of trusting yourself
  • Why we cannot be damaged
  • Spontaneous spiritual experiences
  • The value of the disease concept
  • There is so much more on offer
  • There is a peace of mind in all of us
  • Life is a roller coaster
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