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Relationships, Trauma and Spirituality
Relationships, Trauma and Spirituality
A great conversation with Rohini Ross that looks at how relationships are beautiful containers for healing when you see what is really playing out, embodying the struggles and leaning into the intelligence of all experience.
  • We long for things we run away from
  • Picking loveless relationships for safety
  • The intelligence of the nervous system
  • bodily reactions that are not created in the mind
  • When we are willing to be vulnerable we can learn
  • Relationships are a catalyst for revealing blindspots
  • the present moment activates hidden beliefs
  • This is a gift
  • It doesn't mean we need to stay in abuse
  • Being present to experience we gain insight
  • We stop identifying with the misunderstandings
  • Compassion for our partner can bring healing
  • Seeing what's really true clears misunderstanding
  • What's the issue? 'Things' can lose their power
  • Relationships are a beautiful container for healing
  • It's not just your thinking
  • Experience is of the body not the head
  • We can increase our capacity for presence
  • There's health in all human experience
  • Becoming more embodied, breath work, somatics
  • Follow your own inner guidance
  • The power of psychedelics with trauma
  • Softening the defences to be with experience
  • There is no way, only your own direct experience
  • The power is never in the form/technique
  • Direct experience is the only teacher
You can find Rohini at her website