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Relationships – Where Love Really Comes From
Relationships – Where Love Really Comes From
A great conversation with Stef Cybichowski Master Transformative Coach about relationships, love and connection. We talk about all different types of relationships, with family through to romantic relationships and the stories we fall in love with vs being present and curious about life in the moment. Subjects we covered:
  • How all relationship struggles are the same
  • Why life can look really difficult
  • Why people can look really challenging
  • How thought is the variable
  • The story of me
  • How we buy into stories about ourselves
  • Seeing life through filters
  • If I am not confident then what
  • Why we focus on that one thing we get wrong
  • Does low self esteem exist ? Is it real?
  • Innocently...
  • What is listening
  • Talking to the health in others
  • The place of no story - underneath where love exists
  • The story of love is just an idea
  • Love is who we are where we come from
  • There is no separate self except in story
  • We fall in 'love' with stories
  • Every experience is a gift
  • Why we have to go to that place, to get to this one
  • Being around someone with transformative presence
  • Opening the potential for discovery with people
  • Staying open to Miracles
  • How self fulfilling prophecy works
  • NOBODY knows what life is! The postage stamp of possibility
  • Why things aren't as they seem
  • Whats really on offer
you can contact Stef at - or visit his website