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Misunderstanding of Resilience
Misunderstanding of Resilience
A wonderful conversation with Cathy Casey about our innate resilience, how its always there yet we just don't know or see it. Some of the nuggets I heard:
  • Having certainty in resilience
  • Why do we wake up with a clear mind
  • The still small voice of reason
  • Seeing resiliency in hindsight
  • We always know its there but don't look
  • God is doing favours for you
  • If you don't see it for yourself
  • Its inside every human being
  • No really, its that simple!
  • People can hear, when we're neutral
  • The power of seeing simplicity
  • Seeing the resilience in chaos
  • The psyche can only take so much
  • Reaching out for help is it
  • Innate resilience is always there
  • There's nowhere else to get to
You can contact Cathy via her email