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Misunderstanding of Self Esteem
Misunderstanding of Self Esteem
A conversation with Dr Mark Howard on the misunderstanding of self esteem, why we spend years if not a lifetime looking outside of ourselves to find the very thing that can only be found within... It is way too simple right? that cannot be true, there are whole industries created on improving self esteem, tricks, techniques and ways to improve it on a daily basis... but is there any self to develop? Listen in to hear more.
  • What really is self esteem?
  • Is it something we do?
  • Children are born with it
  • It's who we are
  • We try to find it outside
  • It's beyond habits of practice
  • It's in the discovering of who you are
  • It's something we know on a deep level
  • Its equal for everyone
  • It's our own guiding system
  • All the answers are in simplicity
  • Seen through insight into our true nature
  • It is regardless of the past
You can find Mark at his website here