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The Big Misunderstanding
The Big Misunderstanding
It just made sense to call this episode with George The Big Misunderstanding, caught out by the simplicity of what we share I was reminded how simple, yet life changing the 3 principles understanding is, George has a soft, gentle  and humorous way of sharing that make you really reflect on how life works. What I noticed:
  • What sends people off the track
  • Its not about genetics
  • Its not about medication
  • The real source of peoples lives is their thinking
  • Thought is the variable that determines the experience
  • Peoples experience of life is up for grabs
  • Thinking is the variable, not the circumstances
  • The link between thought and experience
  • Being on candid camera
  • Understanding the nature of feelings
  • People are resilient
  • They forget as they get older
  • The point of life is to get over yourself
  • Understanding helps us be graceful in life
  • 1 to 1 what you think = what you experience
  • No really, its that simple
  • People are being fooled by their thoughts
  • How to see the link between thoughts and experience
  • Why do we pour everything into our ideas about us
  • Do therapists really buy into the diagnosis
  • Why psychotherapists have very high suicide rates
  • Why that doesn't happen in the 3p understanding