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Misunderstanding of Trauma
Misunderstanding of Trauma
A fun conversation with Dr Thomas Kelley on how a simple understanding of how the mind works, free's people from their thinking about themselves. I often get taken by the simplicity of the conversations on the podcast and this one was no different. While expecting a big complex old explanation, I was taken back by how simply Tom shares. Understanding where experience comes from is the birth of self responsibility and the absence of blame.
  • Trauma exists while we think it does
  • We make the connection in our own mind
  • When we stop connecting the dots
  • Understanding is not intellectual
  • Whatever people think looks like the truth
  • Everyone wants well-being
  • Everyone has perfect well-being
  • Children rest in well-being easier
  • When you forgive someone you let yourself off the hook
  • Trauma can become an important part of self image
  • People think they are their thoughts
  • Mental health bubbles up when your mind clears
  • Principles are fundamental truths
  • All answers are in simplicity
  • Getting people to listen from not knowing
  • Nothing happens until insight
  • Complexity collapses into simplicity
  • We always know when something is not right
  • We know when someone is truly present
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