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The Truth of the Body Cannot be Ignored
The Truth of the Body Cannot be Ignored
This great conversation with Rudi & Jules goes from relationship triggers, to prison violence, from spiritual bypassing to embodying the essence of who you are it was great to dig into all these subjects with a sincere depth and quality of really seeing experience for what it is without being wedded to a concept or idea.
  • Trauma responses can be elusive
  • Is it the body or the mind
  • Love can be a threat to the body
  • The body leads the way
  • Breaking out of spiritual conditioning
  • Going to the body brings powerful results
  • The body can numb itself and dissociate
  • Suffering leads to hope for bliss
  • Spiritual sharing becoming dogmatic
  • Are you open to something you dont know
  • Do you react when other people share differently?
  • Can we listen to other peoples understanding?
  • Openness is a gateway to God/Universal Mind
  • The truths of the universe are not in thought
  • Including the body is life changing
  • Communicating with the body is expansive
  • The body is the bridge between form and formless
  • The body perceives safety before cognition
  • No body no experience
  • We begin with the essence
  • People are too comfortable in beliefs
  • Life beats us into a state of reasonableness
  • Parts stay at a young age
  • Your body heroically keeps you safe
  • Adopt and attitude of curiosity towards parts
  • Trauma is an energetic signature
  • High alert / HSP is a trauma response
  • We will react until something helps us see
  • How to find safety and healing
  • Misunderstood spirituality can mess you up
  • Destroy spiritual concepts and beliefs
  • You are the answer to everything
  • Skip the middle man it takes you away
  • You'll know an experience of peace like never before
To find Rudi & Jules you can look on their website here